Sangenkai Germany

Sangenkai Germany is the german element of the Sangenkai, an international group of affiliated martial artists and bodywork practitioners who study the internal power training methods taught by Dan Harden. Because Dan’s work is applicable to a great many disciplines, Sangenkai affiliates include students and teachers of aikido, Daito ryu, t’ai chi ch’uan, judo, kenjutsu, yoga, dance and many other physical practices.

The Sangenkai bodywork method is based on traditional martial arts training from Japan, China and India, and focuses on generating stability and power in a dynamically relaxed body.

More information about the method is available on Dan’s own website, Bodywork Seminars.

Study groups in Germany

Sangenkai Germany are Study groups in the ‚Aikido-Dojo Darmstadt‘, Hochstraße 7, and in the ‚Aikido-Dojo Mannheim‘, C7,7b, Hinterhaus. Jochen Ziegler is leading the study groups. Backgrounds are from Aikido, Kenjutsu, Bagua Zhang, Xing Hi, Qi Gong.


Since 2014 we have been hosting two seminars a year with Dan Harden.

Upcoming seminars in the Aikido-Dojo Darmstadt/Mannheim:

For Registration directly contact Dan Harden: Dojoseminars (at) gmail.com


Email: info (at) sangenkai.de